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Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture, University of Agriculture in Kraków, Poland, is one of modern educational and research centers in Central Europe. On a total area of 10,000 m2, the Faculty provides teaching facilities comprising well-equipped laboratories and lecture halls, modern greenhouses, plastic tunnels, cold storage and fruit storage, garden with a collection of ornamental plants, and experimental research stations. It constitutes the basis for comprehensive teaching in biological and agricultural science, and for professional practice required in our ongoing teaching programs. This is also the place where numerous research experiments are performed both by the staff and students of our Faculty.

Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture

The Faculty offers the following study programs: Horticulture, Biotechnology, Garden Art, Technology of Medicinal and Health-promoting Plants and in English: International Master of Horticultural Science and Environmental and Plant Biotechnology. Studies on Landscape Architecture are conducted at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying in collaboration with the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture.

Continuous education studies on Floriculture, Horticultural Therapy and Green Areas are also available at the Faculty.

Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture provides:

  • Research and teaching staff with the highest qualifications
  • Professional teaching facilities
  • Modern greenhouses and plastic tunnels for research and educational purposes
  • A huge collection of ornamental plants, including tropical species, herbal plants, vegetables and fruit plants
  • Several experimental stations, where students can gain on-site professional expertise.

Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture offers:

  • Possibility of having part of studies abroad through specialized student exchange programs
  • Possibility of foreign apprenticeships
  • Financial support in the form of grants and scholarships
  • Accommodation for students in nicely equipped dormitories
  • Opportunity to develop research interests through activities in the Scientific Association of Horticulturalists and the Scientific Association of Biotechnologists
  • Possibility of participation in a different art organizations and teams.

Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture



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