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There are over 1000 students enrolled in both full time and extramural programs offered by the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture:

  • B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Horticulture
  • B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Garden Art
  • B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Technology of Medicinal and Health-promoting Plants
  • M.Sc. in International Master of Horticultural Science (in English)
  • M.Sc. in Environmental and Plant Biotechnology (in English).



By enrolling in the program in Horticulture at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture, University of Agriculture in Kraków, you become part of a team of students, who are dedicated to the scientific and intellectual pursuit of knowledge in horticulture. Your studies may concentrate on horticulture involving plant production technology (vegetable crops, fruit and ornamental plants), storage and processing of horticultural crops, integrated production and sustainable horticulture, development of urban green areas, shaping and conservation of greenery landscapes etc. Students have knowledge of the environmental, social and economic and market determinants of horticultural production, they know the methods of economic analysis, accounting, and they can effectively manage the assets and finances of the farm and rationally evaluate investments. Students are familiar with such disciplines of plant science as botany, plant physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular genetics and many more. They may explore a variety of subjects, such as plant pathology, cell biology, plant nursery, environmental science and many other to complement their graduate education.

Detailed information about: B.SC studies and M.Sc. studies


The Biotechnology program trains students in modern aspects of biological and chemical knowledge, with particular emphasis on approaches used in biotechnology. During studies, they acquire knowledge in microbiology, cell biology, genetic engineering, molecular biology, genetics, biophysics, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology of plants and animals, bioprocess engineering, enzymology, industrial biotechnology, tissue cultures, cytogenetics, law and ethics. Students acquire knowledge about methods used in of plant, animal and food biotechnology, human and veterinary medicine, environmental protection. The program insures that students get broad exposure to the entire field of biotechnology, provides them with an advanced scientific education and prepares them for diverse careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, research, analytical and diagnostic laboratories, agri-food industry, in health and environment care companies.

Biotechnology is conducted by the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture and Economics, Faculty of Animal Sciences and the Faculty of Food Technology.

Detailed information about: B.SC studies and M.Sc. studies

Garden Art

Garden Art was created in response to the demand of the job market. Students are gaining comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of natural sciences, technical sciences and art. They learn about natural conditions, methods, techniques and materials to design, construct and maintain gardens in different scales, from home gardens to public garden areas. Graduates are prepared to carry out independent business activity, work in design studios and garden-design companies, developer companies and administration. Students have knowledge on the proper use of plants in green areas, including plant taxonomic identification, environmental requirements, the biological and decorative values of plants, as well as the evaluation of the seasonal variability of plants, which gives them a basis for garden design and maintenance. Students are also prepared for inventory and valorization of plant resources. Knowledge of design principles, as well as the efficient use of drawing techniques and computer programs, allow our graduates to competently perform design work and result in the formation of professional projects in green areas. Some aspects of applied horticultural therapy are also included in the study program.

Detailed information about: B.SC studies and M.Sc. studies

Technology of Medicinal and Health-promoting Plants

We give our students the chance to gain unique knowledge of the global resources of medicinal plants, spices, cosmetic and culinary plants. Present preventive and therapeutic role of plants and plant products in the human diet are widely presented to the students. In well-equipped laboratories, students can learn modern analytical methods to assess quality of medicinal raw material, which determines its therapeutic efficacy. They are able to use advanced biotechnological methods to produce innovative products for the health-promoting and medical purposes. We provide knowledge about modern tools for effective business activity in the production area, processing raw materials and also in logistics management, trade and services in the herb industry. Our students can choose several original and specialist academic courses that will help develop their individual interests.

Detailed information about: B.SC studies and M.Sc. studies


International Master of Horticultural Science (IMHS)

The University of Agriculture in Krakow / Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture (Poland) and Mendel University in Brno / Faculty of Horticulture (Czech Republic) and Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra / Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering (Slovakia) are the partner institutions cooperating in a joint international educational program, the "International Master of Horticultural Science". The international study program is focused on the education and training of students for their future activities in areas of management, trade, and services as well as in governmental services at the European level. In the course of their studies, students acquire expertise on the basis of a set of obligatory and voluntary courses that have been selected with regard to current trends in the modern European horticultural production. As a segment of special agricultural production, the field of studies "Horticulture" involves the horticultural industry in its complete scope and professional specialisations at the level of the M.Sc. degree.

Study program — download   Semester schedule — see more

More information about the studies you may find on www.hortmag.eu and on our faculty website on IMHS

Environmental and Plant Biotechnology (EPB)

Environmental and Plant Biotechnology (EPB) is a unique Master's Degree program offered in English for students from around the world who wish to be in the forefront of biotechnological developments and are enthusiastic about learning in an international and multicultural team.

EPB gives the opportunity to get the knowledge in modern methods of environment preservation, reclamation and use. Students gain the experience and skills in analytical and biotechnological ways to monitor environmental changes, act for bioremediation of polluted water and reclamation of contaminated and degraded post-industrial lands, including sewage utilization and waste management.

After completing the EPB study program, graduates have skills to use a range of state-of-the-art analytical and biotechnological methods to monitor and rationally manage environmental quality. Graduates are prepared to work in industrial laboratories and research institutions utilizing biotechnological approaches. They are competent to start up business or to be recruited by administrative units and local governments, workplaces, and other entities. They are also qualified to consult industry, farmers, extension specialists, investors and policy makers in formulating appropriate Environmental Protection packages based on biotechnological methods as elements of the environment-friendly policy.

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See also web page on Environmental and Plant Biotechnology


The Faculty offers courses in English for foreign students, including ERASMUS students: Course Catalog


Ph.D. studies are offered as regular 4-year studies or for extramural students. Candidates with an M.Sc. or equivalent degree graduated in the field of agriculture or life science can apply for admission. Ph.D. studies at the Faculty make it possible to obtain a degree in Agricultural Sciences: Ph.D. in Horticulture and Ph.D. in Biotechnology.

Detailed information about the studies


Three continuous education programs are offered at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture: Floriculture, Horticultural Therapy and Green Areas.

Studies on Green Areas were established in 1998, preparing professional staff in the area of designing, nursing and maintenance of various types of green areas. The training covers the visual arts (20%), engineering sciences (30%) and the remainder (50%), related to plant science. Postgraduate students acquire knowledge on biology and requirements of ornamental plants, plant decorativeness, garden design software, garden and green spaces landscape design and conservation.

Find out more: Studies on Green Areas

Studies on Floriculture provide adequate skills in floriculture and knowledge about plants. Also mastering social and organizational skills, a sense of aesthetics and the search for new career opportunities are involved in the study program. We educate future florists, owners and employees of flower shops and floristic studios as well as floriculture professional instructors, preparing them for success in the rapidly growing floriculture industry.

Find out more: Floriculture

Studies on Horticultural Therapy is the type of occupational therapy applying plants and the garden environment as the therapeutical tool. Completion of our postgraduate courses will acquire general knowledge and practical knowledge about horticultural therapy. The program combines human as well as agricultural sciences and consist of three courses: 1) Occupational Therapy and Psychology, 2) Gardening and Healing Gardens Design, 3) Hortitherapy. The graduates would be prepared to create a comprehensive therapeutic programs and after consultation with other specialists of the therapeutic team, would professionally adapt them to a state of health, needs, interests and abilities of the OT client. These programs meet the interest and needs of the modern labor market in Poland and UE countries.

Find out more: Horticultural Therapy



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