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Faculty of Horticulture and Biotechnology is carrying out research in basic and applied life science, with a special focus on horticulture and plant and environmental biotechnology. Our major activities currently comprise the following research areas:


  • Physiological and biochemical basis of productivity and quality of horticultural plants
  • Improvement of yield and quality of vegetables cultivated in the field and under covers with agrotechnical methods
  • Reduction of nitrate and heavy metal accumulation in vegetables
  • Studies in nursery science, flowering biology of fruit plants and fruit storage
  • Biology and ecology of plant pathogens and pests
  • Identification of plant viruses
  • Development of Integrated Plant Protection methods
  • Breeding of ornamentals for frost resistance and usefulness for gardens of the Malopolska region
  • Changes of plant ecosystem as an effect of anthropopressure
  • Morphometric assessment of honey bees


  • Application of biotechnology in plant breeding and seed science
  • Application of biotechnology in the production of ornamental plants
  • Micropropagation of horticultural plants
  • Genetics and genomics of horticultural plants
  • Studies on the remediation mechanisms of chromium and other organic compounds by bacteria, yeast and plants
  • Stress reactions in plants

To find more information refer to the web pages of Faculty units.

A list of scientific publications of the Faculty can be found here: Publication Catalogue.

At the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture there is a headquarter of the Board of the Polish Society for Horticultural Science. The Society publishes Folia Horticulturae — an international scientific journal in English, which covers a broad spectrum of research related to horticultural sciences.

Collaboration with a range of highly recognized universities and institutes in Poland and abroad should be emphasized. It resulted in several national and international scientific projects, which involved Faculty members as Principal Investigators and Co-investigators: Research Projects.



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