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Horticultural studies in Krakow have long history. They were initiated at the university level at the end of the 18th century. At that time, research in horticulture was supported by the Commission of National Education. Courses in Horticulture, provided by the Study of Agronomy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University, were initiated in 1890 in the University's Experimental Garden. The Department of Horticulture was established in 1919, as a part of the Study of Agronomy at the Jagiellonian University. The Vegetable and Fruit Garden and the Experimental Field in Prądnik Czerwony district were developed to provide basis for research.

After the World War II, the Department of Horticulture resumed its activities. Specialization in Horticulture was initiated in the academic year 1948/1949. An independent Agricultural College (subsequently named University of Agriculture in Krakow), comprising the faculties of Agriculture and Forestry, was founded in 1953. At that time, the Department of Horticulture was placed within the structure of Faculty of Agriculture. On July 1, 1968, an independent Faculty of Horticulture was established at the University of Agriculture. In 2014, the Faculty of Horticulture was transformed into the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture.

Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture
Faculty of Horticulture in 1977
  Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture
Faculty of Horticulture and Agriculture at present

Studies in Biotechnology at the University of Agriculture in Krakow were initiated in the academic year 1999/2000. They were developed as a joint initiative of four faculties: Faculty of Horticulture, Faculty of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Food Technology and Faculty of Agriculture and Economics. In the years 1999-2003 the studies were coordinated by the Dean of the Faculty of Horticulture, and since 2003 they were transformed into the Inter-Faculty Studies in Biotechnology. In 2014, they were incorporated into the structure of the new Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture.



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